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Silk Road International Symposium (SRIS) is an extraordinary communicating event for academic and professional development which is held by Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) for outstanding young scholars from all over the world. Meanwhile, XJTU would also like to take this opportunity to facilitate the communication and collaboration between the invited scholars and XJTU faculties, present XJTU’s talents recruitment schemes and attract interested distinguished scholars to join XJTU.


XJTU has already held the SRIS three times since 2015. In total, around 770 distinguished young scholars who came from more than 30 countries and regions have been invited to participate this extraordinary event.


In order to attract young scholars at home and abroad in wide range, the SRIS will be held twice a year from 2018, one session in spring and the other in autumn respectively. SRIS autumn 2018 is now open for distinguished young scholars from following disciplines:


(1)    Fields of Science

Target Disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Science


(2)    Fields of Energy and Environment

Target Disciplines: Energetics and Engineering Thermophysics, Nuclear Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering, Architecture

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Energy and Power Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering


(3)    Fields of Machinery, Aeronautics & Astronautics and Materials

Target Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Mechanics, Aerospace Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Aerospace, School of Materials Science and Engineering


(4)    Fields of Electronics and Information

Target Disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Cyberspace Security, Software Engineering

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Electronic and Information Engineering (include School of Microelectronics), School of Software Engineering


(5)    Fields of Medical Science and Bioscience

Target Disciplines: Preclinical medicine, Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Stomatology, Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Nursing, Biology, Biomedical Engineering

Related Schools of XJTU: Health Science Center, School of Life Science and Technology


(6)    Fields of Administration and Economics

Target Disciplines: Practical Economics, Theoretical Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Management, School of Public Policy and Administration, School of Economics and Finance, Jinhe Center for Economic Research


(7)    Fields of Humanities & Social Sciences

Target Disciplines: Foreign Languages and Literatures, Law, Philosophy, Marxist theory, Sociology, etc.

Related Schools of XJTU: School of Law, School of Marxism Studies, School of Foreign Studies


(8)    Interdisciplinary Fields over above Fields

Related Schools of XJTU: Frontier Institute of Science and Technology