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丝绸之路青年学者研讨会是西安交通大学面向全球杰出青年学者开办的学术研讨与职业发展的交流盛会。本研讨会为年度会议,将为校内外优秀学者搭建一个深入交流的平台,促进来访学者与西安交大相关学科和教师建立起实质性的联系与合作。藉此,也使与会学者深入了解国家西部战略,了解陕西省省情省貌及交大发展动态,使有意加盟的杰出人才成为学校师资队伍的新鲜血液。研讨会包括主题论坛和学院分论坛两部分内容。主题论坛... [更多]

SRIS, as an annual symposia, is an extraordinary communicating event for academic and professional development which is annually held by XJTU for outstanding young scholars from all over the world. Meanwhile, XJTU would also like to take this opportunity to facilitate the communication and collaboration between the invited scholars and XJTU... [More]